Pulsar - Ultrasonic Tartar & Stain Remover Pulsar - Ultrasonic Tartar & Stain Remover
Pulsar - Ultrasonic Tartar & Stain Remover $39.99 $69.95
Get A Clean Pearly White Smile And Fresh-Minty Breath Easy! Still have tartar and plaque buildup on your teeth even after several dentist visits?Coffee, tea, acidic foods and more can all contribute to yellowed, unsightly teeth. Even worse, dentists agree that sticky plaque and tartar contribute to dental caries (cavities), bad breath and gum disease. Don't let nasty plaque build up ruin your breath and smile! Now you can maintain that fresh-from-the-dentist look with the Pulsar Electric Sonic dental plaque remover. Pulsar Sonic plaque remover is the ultimate solution for a brighter, whiter and gorgeous smile every day. Prevents plaque buildup that causes bad breath Superior Cleaning At Home Without Breaking The Bank The Pulsar Electric Sonic device uses adjustable vibrating pulsations to remove sticky, stubborn plaque and tartar fast! While it’s powerful, the Electric Sonic plaque remover won’t hurt sensitive gums. The Electric Sonic’s design means a deep and thorough clean without the “ouch” factor. Choose from 5 settings to get a great cleaning at the comfort level that’s just right for you.   Improve And Maintain Your Dental and Gum Health Easier! Customers agree: the Pulsar Electric Sonic plaque remover is a must-have for your dental cleaning at-home routine. Here’s what it delivers:  Deep cleaning that gets at the gum line, where germs and bacteria gather Simple, hand-held operation Superior cleaning between dental visits Prevention of gingivitis when used as part of an appropriate dental care routine Protection of the important tooth enamel with just the right level of vibration Built For Your Safety And Convenience In Mind The Electric Sonic plaque remover has the following parts: State-of-the-art, hypoallergenic cleaning head Soft medical-grade silicone handle Anti-slip strip 5 gears so you can adjust the device to your comfort level One-touch on/off switch USB charging port (never run out of batteries)   Your Kit Includes: 1 hand-held plaque removal device USB charging cable Don’t wait for dental decay to take hold when it’s so easy to prevent it with the Electric Sonic plaque remover.  Here’s what customers on social media are saying!   Buy RIGHT NOW and get the deluxe kit including USB rechargeable capabilities at the special price before sale ends  
Gripped - Premium 360 Universal Car Phone Holder Gripped - Premium 360 Universal Car Phone Holder
Gripped - Premium 360 Universal Car Phone Holder from $24.95 $39.99
Now You Can Drive And Without Distractions While Using Your Phone Nav! Tired of phone holders with suction mounts or air vent clips that are always slipping , falling off while driving, are not easy to use or worst... always blocking your view?Be safe and secured while driving when you use our Gripped - Premium phone holder.Its unique anti-fall off  and easy-to-clip design let's you mount your phone safely anywhere on your car, helping you be concentrated on the road while navigating, changing music or taking a call. CAN YOUR OLD PHONE HOLDER DO THIS? Easy to install and fit where you want it to be.Installed right in front of your steering wheel, it decreases the chance of the driver looking aside and thus reduces the possibility of an accident. Features: 360 degrees adjustable angle - Use your phone navigation system or free hands calling safely when driving  Holds firmly - Tight grip on the base make sure the holder attached tightly to the car dashboard preventing slides or falling off when you go over a bump. Universal size - Suitable for 3-7 inches of smartphones  Long-lasting strong materials - Made from certified ultra-durable ABS plastic  Package Contains: Mobile phone stand  x1
Mr. FeelGood - Natural At-Home Foot Relief Mr. FeelGood - Natural At-Home Foot Relief
Mr. FeelGood - Natural At-Home Foot Relief $44.95 $59.99
Experience Neck, Back And Feet Pain Relief Like Never Before    Main Benefits Optimal Neck,Back and feet Relief: Designed to soothe foot/ heel pain & tension due to arthritis, neuropathy and other ailments. Great health care, relaxation gifts for your family, friends. Convenient At-home Relaxation massage -  Refreshes sore, achy, plantar fasciitis feet. Promotes better blood flow to enhance overall health. Adjustable straps -  Considerable strap design to adjust the slippers width.  Helps release body toxins naturally, Improve blood circulation and sleep quality to help you wake up refreshed every morning. Relieves aches and pains such as headaches, migraines, neck pain, backaches Helps with plantar fasciitis, arthritis, neuropathy pain   Why Do I Need This Persistent pain from plantar fasciitis and you’re searching for a natural way to get rid of it? Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition affecting the heel, arch, and sole of the foot. It can often be treated with rest and icing, but some cases are more stubborn than a toddler in a toy store, and when it sticks around you need the right tools to kick it to the curb.  How Does It Works?  Deep Tissue & Reflexology massage is a type of massage that involves applying pressure to key health points in the feet, hand, and ears.  Since plantar fasciitis is essentially a repetitive strain injury to the fibrous tissue on the underside of the foot, massage therapy is a helpful treatment for relieving that strain. In particular, deep tissue massage is the technique of choice for heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis. Deep tissue massage is particularly helpful because it loosens the tendons, ligaments, and fascia that have become painfully tight over time, relaxing them back into their normal posture. Mr Feel Good sandals massages each health point found at your foot while you walk, so you can avoid expensive chiropractors or massage parlors. By applying pressure to these foot acupoints it offers a range of health benefits, restore muscle strength and function, relaxes tense muscles and improve flexibility. It's designed to soothe foot/ heel pain & tension due to arthritis, neuropathy, plantar fasciitis. Promotes better blood flow to enhance overall health. FAQ'S Q-Do we have to walk around in the shoes for 15 Mins or can we sit in them??A: You can sit in them, but they work off of pressure. I wear them when sitting, but find them most effective when walking. Q: How many days would it take for me to get used to wearing this slipper?A: Wear this therapy, massage slipper for 15mins each time NOT all day. These acupressure slippers might hurt for the first few times using them; however, simply add a pair of socks and shorten the wearing time while your body adjusts to the pressure sensation. Q: Do these sandals help relieve leg and back pain from standing all day at work? A: These sandals do give a very deep massage to tired feet. Not sure if it will help with the back. May help with legs. I think it’s worth a try. You would be treating your feet anyways, which also need attention Q: How do these massage your feet? Is there something to turns the massager on? Or not that kind of massager? A: Not that kind of message. Nothing to turn on, the balls on the slippers massage your feet as you walk , just be aware not to wear too long or it will hurt. Q: Magnets? Do the "jade spring" slippers have magnets like the other red nubs do? A: These are not magnets. The are spring loaded nubs of various sizes to stimulate blood flow / circulation. Q: Will this help with neuropathy in legs, as well as feet? A: As long as You are Consistent with 3x a day for at least a month Size Chart Men's / Women Size Conversions US Sizes Euro Sizes UK Sizes Inches CM 6 39 5.5 9.25" 23.5 6.5 39 6 9.5" 24.1 7 40 6.5 9.625" 24.4 7.5 40-41 7 9.75" 24.8 8 41 7.5 9.9375" 25.4 8.5 41-42 8 10.125" 25.7 9 42 8.5 10.25" 26 9.5 42-43 9 10.4375" 26.7 10 43 9.5 10.5625" 27 10.5 43-44 10 10.75" 27.3 11 44 10.5 10.9375" 27.9 11.5 44-45 11 11.125" 28.3 12 45 11.5 11.25" 28.6 Specifications Material: EVA and PU. Color: Black, Red. Size: 38-45. Package Includes 1 Pair x Foot Massage slippers.   On Sale for a limited time only. Just click the Add To Cart button to get yours now!
Car Assistant Support Handle 1688 Car Assistant Support Handle 1688
ShiftGrip - Car Assistant Support Handle from $32.99 $54.99
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Fantastic for the injured, weak or stiff "This product is such a great purchase. I think anyone who has an injury or stiffness in their knees or back would love this. Some cars just don't have a good place to hold onto to lower yourself down into the passenger seat, or to help get out....holding onto the car door handle area can be dangerous for the unsteady because the door may move. The cars we used it for were a Mercedes station wagon, Lexus SUV, a Honda Civic, and a Toyota Sienna." - Mary K. Make It Easier To Get In And Out Of Any Car! The ShiftGrip Car Assistant Support Handle is a portable handle that assists you or your loved ones to get in and out of the car with ease and stability! BENEFITS Nonslip grip is comfortable to hold Forged aluminum construction can hold 350 lbs. Stores away easily in your door or glove box Built-in Flashlight Gives you a handy grip so you won't slip on those icy days ShiftGrip is a 3-in-1 automotive safety tool that allows the user to easily sit or stand safely while entering or exiting their vehicle, offering support and protection from falls. It fits securely into either the passenger or driver side of the door of almost all types of vehicles and provides optimal leverage. ShiftGrip comes with two added safety features for automotive emergencies: a built-in window breaker and seat belt cutter. This solid mobility bar has a non-slip fitting grip and is a universal fit for all automobiles. It's perfect for the elderly, injured, or anyone who needs help getting in and out of cars.  FEATURES MULTIPURPOSE - The unique design is prepared for all situations and includes a window breaker, seat belt cutter, and a super bright LED flashlight. NONSLIP GRIP - The nonslip grip is comfortable to hold while giving you a handy grip for the ultimate security. PORTABLE - The compact design can be stored away easily in your door or glove box. SPECIFICATIONS Material: PVC+ABS Color: Black and Red Dimensions (L x W x H): 7.01 x 2.76 x 4.33 Inches Batteries: (use 2 x 3V CR3032 Batteries - not included) CLICK ADD TO CART NOW to get yours before supply runs out Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back Unhappy With Your Product? Reach out to us within 30 days and we’ll take it back!We stand by our high-quality products and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Handling time>> Dispatch within 1-3 days (EST working time) after payment. All packing processes are strictly sanitized 100% Money Back Fast Refund in 30 days after delivered & 24/7 Responsive Customer Service 94.37% Customers are satisfied with the product Shipping takes 5-15 Business Days
FleaZapper - Electric Flea Comb FleaZapper - Electric Flea Comb
FleaZapper - Electric Flea Comb $19.95 $24.95
Save Your Pet From Pesky Fleas Easily Is your furbaby still itchy and restless after several veterinary visits and harsh pesticide treatments? You and your pet will enjoy this amazing flea and tick removal comb that is 100% safe, effective, chemical-free, and efficient. It uses patented electronic technology that is guaranteed to kill ticks and fleas on contact!   This awesome comb digs deeply into your pet's fur and removes pesky fleas and ticks that are burrowed down at the skin level. The process is painless and your pet never feels a thing.  Simply brush through your pets fur with the comb and a slight electric charge is released and kills the insects IMMEDIATELY. The comb gathers the dead bugs so you won't have any messes to clean up. Simply press the eject button and you can discard them hands-free. FEATURES: 100% SAFE - Our comb never emits toxic chemicals onto your pet or around your family. This device is painless, safe, and effective. NO MESS DESIGN - This comb prevents you from having to apply greasy creams and serums to your dog's coat. The dead insects can be emptied directly into the trash without you having to touch them. KILLS BUGS ON CONTACT - Fleas and ticks do not stand a chance against this comb! INCLUDES: 1 x FleaZapper - Electric Flea Comb SPECIFICATIONS: Product size: 240X170X30mm/94.49X66.93/11.81" Requires 2 X AA batteries
Wall Climbing Remote Control Car Wall Climbing Remote Control Car
Wall Climbing Remote Control Car $29.99 $59.99
Take the remote control game to the next level! This Wall Climbing RC Car makes use of the latest suction technology, making it gravity-defyingly rides on any smooth surface. Take it on the floors, walls, windows, glass, and even ceilings! It won't fall! The super lightweight yet durable body makes it an unbelievable amusement for all RC lovers! FEATURES Wall climbing car with LED headlights Can be used on any smooth surface; such as floors, walls, windows, glass & even ceilings Ultra-lightweight yet heavy-duty & shockproof body that won't break if it falls from the ceiling or wall Comes with infrared remote controller, you can control the running speeds & directions Suction Technology - allows the racer to climb vertical walls and glass walls at full speed and to drive upside down on ceilings. Rotate in 360 degrees when racing, forwarding & reversing Product Specifications Material: ABS Product Channel: 4 Channel Remote Control Type: Infrared Battery Type: Lithium Battery (built-in) Battery for Remote Controller: 3 * AAA batteries (not included) Package Includes 1 * Game Car 1 * Remote Control 1 * Manual
Bluetooth Keyboard With Leather Case Bluetooth Keyboard With Leather Case
Bluetooth Keyboard With Leather Case $38.99 $79.99
2 in 1 PU Protective Cover + detachable 3.0 Bluetooth keyboard designed to support your cellphone hands-free so you can focus on work, reading, watching videos, and typing like on a normal computer laptop. Besides, the protective cover protects your mobile phone from scratch and breaking. Main Features: Multifunctional DesignThis case comes with a detachable Bluetooth keyboard that seamlessly connects with your smartphone for a quicker and more comfortable typing, helping you to type faster and with less error than on a touchscreen.  Slim Body Maximum ProtectionSlim shell design adds maximum protection with minimal bulk (0.38 in). Built-in stand securely holds your cellphone hands free in a perfect angle for typing or watching movies, totally free your hands. Wide CompatibilityUnique folio design prevents scratches while allowing easy access to all your phone ports. Compatible with 4.5 - 6.8 inches (width of 6-9.5cm) Bluetooth cell phone, including Android, Windows, and iOS Phones. Shockproof and Dust-proofThe PU leather protective exterior provides a durable, rugged, shockproof cushion when dropped and the plastic keyboard is dust-proof, scratch-resistant, and high performance. Perfect and convenient for business working. Portable and ConvenientLightweight, compact, easy to carry, and handle. Detachable magnetic keyboard tray to turn keyboard cover into a classic portfolio case, easy switching to meet your needs. 3 Easy Steps to Connect the Bluetooth:  1.) Turn on the Bluetooth function on your mobile phone, press the connection button on the keyboard.2.) Input the connection code on the keyboard.3.) Press the "Enter" key to connect. Power Indicator Light: The red light on - Charging state; Light off - Full charged; Flashlight - Low electricity state to remind you of charging Specifications: Color: Black, Pink, Blue (Optional) Dimension: Approx. 23 * 14 * 3cm / 0.9 * 0.6 * 0.1inch Bluetooth: 3.0 + HS standards Certification: BQB, FCC, CE, ROHS Effective distance: Up to 10M (open space) Charging time: 2 hours Standby time: 100 days Interface: Micro USB port Package List: 1 x Bluetooth Keyboard & PU Protective Cover 1 x USB Cable
PureSafe 	™ - Wireless Charging & UV Light Sterilizer Safe PureSafe 	™ - Wireless Charging & UV Light Sterilizer Safe
PureSafe ™ - Wireless Charging & UV Light Sterilizer Safe $79.99
Cell Phone Sterilization Box UV Light Sterilizer Disinfection Box Wireless Charger for Phone Daily Supplies Description: Brand new and high quality Compact in size, easy to carry and storage UV disinfection box can kill 99% of bacteria 728ml large capacity, you can put some small things in it to sterilize 9 UV LED lights, 360-degree sterilization It also has wireless charger function, keep you away from the trouble of low battery power for mobile phones. Can sterilize for your small items such as mobile phones, watches, glasses, jewelry, etc Specification: Color: White Material: PC + ABS Input: DC 5V/2A 9V/2A Transmit Power: 5W / 7.5W / 10W / 15W Wireless Charger:10W Charging Efficiency: >78% Transmission Distance: 2-6mm Working Frequency: 100-205KHZ LED: 9pcs UV Power: 2W Packages:   1 X Cell Phone Sterilizer 1 X Power USB cable                                                                                                      
IdealTab - Drawing And Writing Tablet for Kids IdealTab - Drawing And Writing Tablet for Kids
IdealTab - Drawing And Writing Tablet for Kids from $21.99 $31.95
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ The best writing tablet! "I have 4 kids all under the age of 8 and we’ve gone through so many boogie boards. This is by far the best writing tablet! It has a big screen, it’s thin and lightweight. No more losing stylus pens and catching my kids using actual pens or pencils on the screen!" - Tiffany M.  Great Writing Experience Just Like Writing On Real Paper!  HIGHLIGHTS Works easily - With the supplied tablet and pen, your finger or another object can be drawn on the tablet. The screen is pressure sensitive. Do you want to erase the drawing? Then the handy delete button on the screen ensures that the drawing is quickly removed. The tablet works on a battery that is included and lasts up to 2 years. Can be used for everything - Whether your child is now a beautiful drawing to create or arithmetic want to practice. The tablet works exactly like any writing board or piece of paper. The tablet is therefore just as useful for you to write down handy reminders or to keep a shopping list  Everything is possible on the IdealTab writing tablet.  Environmentally friendly - Because you do not always have to use new paper, the IdealTab writing tablet is very eco-friendly. Consuming paper for quick drawings or notes is therefore no longer necessary Children have a place to draw - No more messy walls or floors. Thanks to the IdealTab, they always have one place to unleash all their creativity. Ultra-thin, strong and compact - Despite the IdealTab being very compact and super thin, it is still very strong and can take a beating. Perfect for children to play with and very easy to transport in a bag, for example. Fun Training For Kids To Be Creative And Imaginative The durable, ultra-lightweight LCD writing screen is engineered to feel just like writing with a pen on paper. The image stays as long as you need it to and can be erased with the touch of a button. Create again and again, without the need to charge or connect. The lightweight and portable design make it perfect for school, office, home use, or other use. Here are More Reasons To Love The IdealTab Writing Tablet Mild color, no harsh lights to harm your eyes. No radiation. Suitable for writing and drawing, home messages, etc. Pressure-sensitive, easy to use and play. Clear screen with just one button. Ultra-thin and lightweight design, convenient to carry and magnetized to enable you to place it on your fridge panel as a message board. Energy savings design, with a CR2016 cell battery and no additional batteries needed for display. Specifications: Material: ABS Power supply: button cell Battery capacity: 75mAh Voltage: 3V Standard current: 0.1mA Colors: Black Item size: 6.5 inches, 8.5 inches, 10 inches or 12 inches Item weight: 90g Package weight: 120g   Package list: 1 * LCD writing tablet 1 * Plastic stylus CLICKADD TO CART NOW to get yours before supply runs out Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back Unhappy With Your Product? Reach out to us within 30 days and we’ll take it back!We stand by our high-quality products and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.   Handling time>> Dispatch within 1-3 days(EST working time) after payment. All packing processes are strictly sanitized 100% Money Back Fast Refund in 30 days after delivered & 24/7 Responsive Customer Service 94.37% Customers are satisfied with product Shipping takes 5-15 Business Days  
GreatShot - 360 Flexible Camera Mount GreatShot - 360 Flexible Camera Mount
GreatShot - 360 Flexible Camera Mount from $26.99 $44.50
Get the Perfect Shot with 360 Flexible Camera Mount Take your photography skills to the next level and capture that PERFECT SHOT using the GreatShot 360 Flexible Camera Mount. With GreatShot, be ready to create STUNNING photos and videos and capture the BEST MOMENTS at any angle! GreatShot 360 Flexible Camera Mount: ✔️ Helps you take AMAZING  photos and videos at ANY angle with its 360° FLEXIBLE feature. ✔️ Can be used with a tripod, video track slider, stabilizer, and other different devices of photography. ✔️ Holds your camera safely with its 4 rubber pieces at each corner to keep it from slipping. ✔️ Easy to use and convenient for storage and carrying ✔️ Supports DSLR Cameras up to 6.7 Lbs/3Kg   How to  Capture Wonderful Shots Using GreatShot  To capture wonderful shots with GreatShot 360 Flexible Camera Mount, you need to screw the camera onto the flexible camera mount and make sure that the screws are not too tight or too loose —  just enough the hold the camera steady.  After the camera is mounted, you can now use the flexible camera mount to create various shooting angles!   The Z stand and the tilt head are adjustable and can be positioned in a wide range of positions, which allows for flexible and versatile positioning. You can also clamp the mount to your tripod, by video track slider, stabilizer, and other different devices of photography to create more lovely shots with ease! TESTED, PROVEN, AND LOVED BY THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE DON’T JUST TAKE OUR WORDS FOR IT… This adds a very nice option to spend more time with your gear handheld, while at the same time, able to basically have an on-demand tripod. The framing is fantastic! Definitely worth it! ProNewsPhotog This product is awesome! The tilt is amazing and it also works great for cellphones!  Rivz M. The mount makes a great base for my camera! I can even take low-angle shots because it holds my camera without any problems. Dyn Morgan It works great with my camera slider! I highly recommend this product to all photographers and hobbyists! KenPhotos   Why Choose GreatShot? Having trouble getting the right angle for your photo/video production? GreatShot offers the best solution to help you create stunning results! GreatShot provides competitive camera gears to professional photographers, videographers, and hobbyists. This newly-released 360 Flexible Camera Mount already generated a lot of positive reviews and many professionals in the media industry are getting crazy about this! With its usefulness, portable feature plus at an affordable price, you sure don’t want to miss out on this flexible camera mount. Choose your 360 Flexible Camera Mount Bundle Have Questions? We Have Answers! Q: Is this compatible with any DSLR cameras? A: It can hold DSLR Cameras up to 6.7 Lbs/3Kg. Q: Is this difficult to set-up? A: No, it’s 100% easy to set-up and is portable. Q: Can I really use it to perform crazy camera tricks and seemingly impossible shots? A: Yes, you can maximize your creativity and create stunning shots with the help of GreatShot 360 Flexible Camera Mount. Try 360 Flexible Camera Mount 100% Risk-Free We have an iron-clad risk-free guarantee. If the 360 Flexible Camera Mount is not helpful for you or you are not satisfied with it for any reason, you can send it back in 30 days and we’ll definitely provide a full refund. Shipping & Handling We provide Free Worldwide Shipping. Please allow 3-5 days for handling due to high demand. Wonderful extraordinarily good or great; used especially as an intensifier More (Definitions, Synonyms, Translation)
Foldable Screen Holder Foldable Screen Holder
Foldable Screen Holder $41.99 $111.98
This amazing Desktop & Wall Pull-Up Lazy Bracket could free your hands and reduce neck pain! Perfect for bedroom, kitchen, and office! Perfect for your bedroom, kitchen, office, and living room! Free your hands, reduce neck pain! Main FeaturesBOTH FOR MOBILE PHONE & TABLET – together with both cell phone holder and tablet holder. You can change the adapter to meet your needs. Universal mobile phone stand, compatible with all sizes of phones and iPad from 16cm(minimum) to 26cm (maximum) Wide. MULTIFUNCTIONAL & DIY - You can strap it around your neck, you can wrap it around your car or bicycle steering wheel, you can put it on the ground or bed, you can do anything with it, just get your imagination started.FLEXIBLE & ADJUSTABLE HOLDER - 360-degree rotating phone case, free to adjust any angle as you like for convenient reviewing. and angle for comfortable viewing; strong and bendy arms secure your smartphone to prevent falling or moving around. SpecificationMaterials: ABS + PC, Metal, SiliconeColor: BLACK, WHITEPackage Contents: Desktop pull-up lazy bracket × 1  
FreshDesk - Portable Laptop Stand FreshDesk - Portable Laptop Stand
FreshDesk - Portable Laptop Stand from $27.99 $69.99
SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR LAPTOP HUNCHING POSTURE AND WORK COMFORTABLY WHEREVER YOU ARE! With staying indoors these days, ZOOM meetings have become part of the new normal. Having to put your laptop on a flat surface gives you a lot of discomfort on your neck and back. The FreshDesk Portable Laptop Stand gives you the perfect angle for viewing and typing, keeping you in the right sitting posture. This innovative, user-friendly laptop stand is designed to:  Fold neatly and can be put inside the drawer until you need it next. Hold your laptop well without any shaking while typing. Help you so much with keeping you in the right posture, not slouch over all the time while using your device. Keep your laptop much cooler and less likely to overheat. Meet your needs for a slim portable device that is strong enough to handle a static load of 20 kilograms of your gadgets.  HOW THE FRESHDESK PORTABLE LAPTOP STAND WORK The FreshDesk Portable Laptop Stand is probably the laptop stand you have been looking for. You will never know how you need this until you own it. It's foldable that you can take it anywhere. No complicated steps. What you need to do is to expand it and it's ready to use. FreshDesk Portable Laptop Stand provides: More comfortability as compared to laying the laptop flat on the table Excellent viewing angle while working Reduces the risk of neck and back pains Promotes good sitting posture Adjusts on where or how you are positioned. LOVE AND TRUSTED BY THOUSANDS OF CUSTOMERS DON’T TAKE JUST OUR WORDS FOR IT... I tend to slouch a bit when utilizing my MacBook Air, I'm standing at 6'1, so, obviously, I was looking to find something sturdy, reliable, and sleek looking for my home setup. This laptop stand is extremely reliable and gets the job done. Dan S. Perfect height for video calls, shape creates space, and the design keeps my laptop cool. I use my laptop as a second monitor, with a wireless mouse/keyboard combo. This stand is slightly higher than several others and puts my laptop screen at the perfect height so it levels with my eye line. The height is also great for video conferences, which I'm doing more and more - the laptop camera is now level with my face, so no unflattering "campfire ghost story" angles! The design allows my laptop to be fully vented, too, so it stays cool. Really great stand at a good price! Camella T. The perfect addition to my home office! I ordered this because I found myself hunching over my laptop at my desk. This was leading to neck pain and fatigue on a daily basis. Even keeping it in the forefront of my mind wouldn't prevent me from slowly returning to this bad position. I'm glad I bought two of these for my family and will be using it daily from here on out. If anything changes, I will update my review but based on initial use, it is perfect. Highly recommend it to anyone that needs a similar solution. Sandy P. Super Sturdy This stand is way sturdier than I thought it would be! The part where my laptop sits has soft pads, so my laptop feels secure and won't easily budge. Overall, for the price of this stand, I'm pleased with the product I received! Kenny O. Good for online learning. I bought this for my daughter who happens to have online classes due to the pandemic. She loves it. It helps her view the right angle during class. Her head is more relaxed and more straight compared to if she’s not using the laptop stand. Anton H. WHY CHOOSE FRESHDESK PORTABLE LAPTOP STAND? This durable and minimalist laptop stand weighs almost nothing. No parts to assemble, very easy to use. You can use the stand for more than just your laptop, it also works well with your tablet or book, even use it for a phone in landscape mode. Its versatility allows you to get tons of different types of uses, whether on-the-go or in the kitchen! FreshDesk Portable Laptop Stand users have reported a huge relief in their back and neck while using the amazing laptop stand. The FreshDesk Portable Laptop Stand comes with a pouch with drawstrings where you can tuck the stand into, which makes it very portable and compact. Use it at home, office, outdoor, or travel!  CHOOSE YOUR FRESHDESK PORTABLE LAPTOP STAND BUNDLE NOW! HAVE QUESTIONS? WE HAVE ANSWERS! Q: Can you type easily with the stand on the laptop or do you need to buy a separate keyboard? A: No need for a separate keyboard. The laptop stand is made with new improved anti-skid silicone pads to keep it from wobbling while you type. Q: Does it support the MacBook Pro Air? A: Yes. This FreshDesk Portable Laptop Stand is compatible with MacBook Pro Air, iPad, Dell, HP, Huawei, Samsung, Millet, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, and other brands. Q: When you have it opened, how wide does it sit? I have one that only opens up 6 inches (left to right) and it's too wobbly to type. A: This laptop stand opens up to 7.7 inches (196 mm) from left to right, and if you place it on a desk, it stays, it does not wobble at all. Q: Does this eliminate neck strain and promote correct sitting posture? A: It helps your hand position for ergonomics, which improves your posture. You can place your laptop in a comfortable viewing position to reduce neck strains. Q: Can this be used to hold books? A: It could certainly hold a book. If you just want to display a book it would work fine. If you want to read a book using the stand it may or may not work depending upon the physical characteristics of the book.   TRY FRESHDESK PORTABLE LAPTOP STAND COMPLETELY RISK-FREE We have an iron-clad risk-free guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with your product for any reason, you have up to 30 days after receiving your product to contact us and ask for a full refund.   Shipping & Handling We provide worldwide FREE SHIPPING Please allow 3-5 days for handling due to high demand.
PowerAid - Portable USB Apple Watch Charger PowerAid - Portable USB Apple Watch Charger
PowerAid - Portable USB Apple Watch Charger from $21.99 $36.99
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Perfect Travel Watch Charger "Fantastic portable charger for traveling. I always have a USB port to plug into when traveling, so this is a nice compact charger that doesn't need a cable. Great value for the money." - Alyssa M.   Get Rid Of The Annoying Long iWatch Charging Cable! BENEFITS Stylish and unique keychain design, lightweight and portable, fits perfect for home and on the go, letting you charge anytime, anywhere. Plug-and-charge wireless design to make charging more portable and easy to use. Multiple safeguards protection against over-current, overheat, short circuit, and high temperature to protect your iWatch while charging. Compatible with all Apple Watch Series 5 4 3 2 1. FEATURES Compatibility- Portable USB magnetic charger of Apple Watch, Universal compatible for all 44mm 42mm 40mm 38mm Apple Watch Series 5 4 3 2 1. Strong Magnetic Wireless Charger - Combines MagSafe technology with inductive charging, strong magnetic induction on wireless charging pad provides an automatic connection. It could fully charge your watch within 2-3 hours and charge as fast as the original magnetic charger. Convenient for Traveler -  Come with USB for charging, no extra charging cable needed, just simply plug it into computer/USB socket/car charger/power bank or other USB charging devices to get power anytime anywhere (charger and watch can be charged simultaneously) Compact and Portable - The charger has a compact body. Just slide it into your pocket or hook it on the bag. The keychain design allows you to hang on the keychain to prevent loss when you travel. Safety Protections - It is built-in over-current, over-voltage, short circuit, and over-temperature protection, provides you a safe environment for both watch and charger. Made of high-quality polycarbonate provide drop protection. SPECIFICATIONS Material: ABS+PCInterface: Bidirectional USBWeight: 0.56 ozRrecharging Current: 500 (mA)Conversion Efficiency: >72%Charging Mode: Magnetic induction chargingInput: USB port CLICK ADD TO CART NOW to get yours before supply runs out Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back Unhappy With Your Product? Reach out to us within 30 days and we’ll take it back!We stand by our high-quality products and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Handling time>> Dispatch within 1-3 days(EST working time) after payment. All packing processes are strictly sanitized 100% Money Back Fast Refund in 30 days after delivered & 24/7 Responsive Customer Service 94.37% Customers are satisfied with product Shipping takes 5-15 Business Days  
SmartScarf - Heated Massage Scarf SmartScarf - Heated Massage Scarf
SmartScarf - Heated Massage Scarf from $39.99 $49.99
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Perfect For The Winter! "This scarf has been the best! Keeps my neck warm during the winter but not restricting. I can wear it anytime, even inside the house." - Alice B. Soothing Warmth For Your Neck In Seconds! This stylish heated neck scarf is breathable, snugly, and skin-friendly with a stylish knit and fleecy insert that will keep you warm, cozy, and comfortable whenever, wherever! We know how grueling the bitter cold winter weather can be. That's why we come up with the best-heated scarf to give comfort even in extreme cold weather conditions! This unisex scarf is one-size-fits-all which makes it the perfect gift idea for the hard to shop for person who already has it all. Ideal for outdoor activities like Sledding, Skiing, Snowmobiling, Tailgating, Camping, Motor Sports, Hunting, and Fishing. It's time to take the pain out of your cold-weather commutes or walking your dog in the winter! This scarf also features 3 illuminated temperature settings, temperature monitoring with safety switch-off, and automatic switch-off after approximately 110 minutes. The scarf will always feel fresh and comfortable to wear and is machine-washable at 30°C. Massage mode: Soft gear: continuous vibration + intermittent vibration massage Comfort file: vibration 2.5S + pause 0.5S massage Enhanced the gear: continuous vibration + intermittent vibration massage Strong file: intermittent vibration massage Features Breathable, snugly and skin-friendly Features 3 illuminated temperature settings Automatic switch-off after approximate 110 minutes Includes charging function for smartphones Comes with charging cable The heating pad is machine-washable at 30°C Powered by a high-performance lithium-ion battery Battery life: 10hours+ Note: Powerbank Not Included   CLICK ADD TO CART NOW to get yours before supply runs out Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back Unhappy With Your Product? Reach out to us within 30 days and we’ll take it back!We stand by our high-quality products and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Handling time>> Dispatch within 1-3 days(EST working time) after payment. All packing processes are strictly sanitized 100% Money Back Fast Refund in 30 days after delivered & 24/7 Responsive Customer Service 94.37% Customers are satisfied with product Shipping takes 5-15 Business Days
LED Crochet Hook LED Crochet Hook
LED Crochet Hook from $22.99 $25.99
Knit anytime anywhere! LED Crochet Hook is able to let your knitting process become easier and smooth even in the dark situation or knitting dark yarn. Besides, this tool is comfortable to use and can be used up to 7 to 9 hours. FEATURES: Crochet Anywhere, Anytime With this LED crochet hook you can see it very clearly when you're crocheting especially helpful when working with dark-colored yarn. You’ll never have to stop or slow down again because of bad light or dark yarn. Durable The LED crochet hook has a built-in battery that can be recharged and reused. No need to buy battery refills, saving your time & money. 15 minutes quick charging and long-lasting battery up to 7-9 hours. Ergonomic Crochet Hook Ultra-comfortable soft anti-slip silicone handles are easy on your hands for long crocheting sessions and give you precise control allowing you to create super detailed designs. Perfect Gift For Crochet Lovers This set has 9pcs Led crochet hooks with an ergonomic handle, comfortable to use, and ease hand pressure. You can crochet longer without pain. Great for Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced crocheters. SPECIFICATIONS:  Length - 15cm Weight - 25g / unit Size - 2.5mm / 3.0mm / 3.5mm / 4.0mm / 4.5mm / 5.0mm / 5.5mm / 6.0mm / 6.5mm PACKAGE INCLUDES:  1 x  (Included Battery)

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