360° Rotating Seat Cushion

$25.99 $52.99 -51% OFF

360° Rotating Seat Cushion

$25.99 $52.99 -51% OFF

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Rotating pad can be smoothly and easily moved in two directions and can be rotated 360 degrees. Exit or enter any seat without hurting your back or hips by twisting and pivoting.

  • No damage, suitable for all vehicles ! 

Textured non-slip material, the reproducible swivel seat base can be firmly fixed in place, and the seat cushion can rotate freely with the body.

Relieves the pressure on the back and buttocks when sitting down.

The swivel seat is made of elastic contoured foam to reduce the pressure on the hips and back.

Suitable for flat surface seats, lightweight portable swivel seats can be used in offices , cars and homes . Comfortable swivel cushion backing with non-slip texture material is ideal for people with reduced mobility and reduces unnecessary movement.

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