TrailHop - All-in-One Shovel

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TrailHop - All-in-One Shovel

$51.99 $86.99 -41% OFF

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All Outdoors Tools You Need Combined Into One

Looking for a high-quality all-in-one folding shovel that is built to last? You’ve unlocked it!

TrailHop All-in-One Shovel has been designed with the highest standards in mind. Engineered with multifunctional attachments and a durable shaft, this all-in-one shovel does it all! Whether you need to chop down a tree for firewood or spear some fish for dinner, this survival shovel will get the job done. 

This is the best shovel to take with you when camping, hiking, or any other outdoor activities because...

  • It’s the ultimate multipurpose tool that is perfect for any emergency. Your bug-out kit should contain gear that will enable you to survive no matter what.

  • Lightweight, it doesn’t take up too much room in your backpack and easy to carry around. Don’t forget about the carrying pouch that comes with it so you can easily store your shovel when not using it.

  • Your faithful life-saver! Dig out a fire pit, crack the ice around your truck tires, or break a car window in an emergency, and quickly hack branches, slice vegetables, or split logs using the blades of the shovel.

  • More ergonomic. Unlike other shovel handles that you have to wrap with additional grippy tape, this handle is designed using non-slip ergonomics, so you always have a strong and comfortable grip every time.


Step 1: Pull out the gear from the bug-out kit.

Step 2: Assemble every part to meet your needs.

Step 3: Use this multifunctional tool like a shovel, stick, wrench, cutter, saw, hoe, screwdriver, bottle opener, a scraper for fish scales, and more.

Step 4: After use, you can fold up this all-in-one shovel into a super compact tactical waist pack.

Whether you are an avid camper, hiker, or just someone who likes spending time outdoors this shovel will become one of your most valued possessions!

TrailHop All-in-one Shovel can do:

  • - Shoveling
  • - Digging
  • - A cutting (logs, rope)
  • - Hammering
  • - Window breaking
  • - Chopping
  • - Wire clamping
  • - Self-defense weapon
  • - Axing
  • - Hoeing (gardening)
  • - Hunting
  • - Peeling
  • - Sawing
  • - Shearing
  • - And more…




 Great Shovel OVERALL! 

Simply, it’s the type of item you don’t need nor know you want until you have it. I really am pleased with this purchase as it is very sturdy, durable and the relative thickness of the shovel head in comparison to regular shovelheads is superb. I personally used it for a campfire this past weekend and used the Shovel, Knife, and even the Saw feature all in 1 hour. Great Shovel OVERALL! 

Alma G.


Sturdy and useful in the woods.


I am quite surprised how solid this thing is once it is all screwed together. There are little gaskets near all of the threads to keep water out. I dig a pretty decent hole with it just to try it out. The knife attachment is decent. Definitely helpful in an emergency. All in all, very satisfied.

Dab L.


Good little shovel.


Got this to keep in the car in emergencies in case I get stuck in sand or snow. Packaged well in a protective case and very compact. Hope I never need to use it but glad I have it just in case.

David F.


Practical and compact - great for gardening.


As I said in the title, it has a lot of potential as a simple gardening tool, the hoe, shovel, and saw are what stand out the most and what is prioritized in the design, plus the fact that you can fit it all in a small bag making it a great all in one.

Kent M.


Great multipurpose shovel.


This is a great camping shovel that can be used for multi-purpose applications. It can be used as a shovel, digging a ditch, and also be used to chop small pieces of wood. This is a very useful multi-purpose and foldable shovel made of hard metal. I bought it to have it in my car when going off-roading because pretty much has everything you need in one tool for outdoor in a nice compact package that is easy to store.

Mehdi B.



Ironically, it's the cheapest prized possession you can keep! Instead of spending that much for buying every single outdoor tool separately, why not spend once to get THE WHOLE PACKAGE at the fraction of the cost!

The TopShove All-in-one Shovel is not only practical for getting around the camp but also has a variety of uses for survival outside the wilderness. You’ll never have to worry about not having enough tools again because TrailHop’s All-In-One Shovel does just about everything!

It has an instant switch design so that you can change from one function to another easily without any tools required. The handle is made from an aluminum alloy which makes it lightweight but strong enough to withstand tough conditions. It also comes with a carrying pouch so you can easily store it away when not in use or carry it around on your next adventure!

TrailHop All-in-one Shovel users have reported much safer and more convenient trips without bringing too much stuff on the road.

The TrailHop All-in-one Shovel makes it easy to get your fire going without you carrying excessive materials on travels. Everything is packed in this shovel!



Q: Does it come with a pouch?

A: Yes it comes with a pouch furthermore the entire spade fits into the pouch with room to spare. 


Q: Is it good to use in case your car gets stuck in a snowbank?

A: This all-in-one tool is designed for a wide range of conditions – and snow is one of them. 

Q: Is this a good shovel for banging dents out of my lawnmower deck?

A: A shovel is good for moving dirt. For banging dents, we suggest a hammer buffered with a piece of scrap wood or a dent puller. Then make sure to cover any bare metal spots with paint or something to prevent rust.


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