Baby Nail Trimmer

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Baby Nail Trimmer

$28.99 $57.99 -51% OFF


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Takes The Fear Out Of Trimming Your Little Ones Nails 

Have you ever tried clipping your babies nails and felt it to be a dangerous and stressful process? 

Some parents bite their baby's nails, but this is not recommended because it can introduce germs and leave baby's nails ragged, plus it's easy to bite into baby's soft skin.

Even though your baby's nails are softer and more pliable than yours, they still can cause scratches and need trimming regular to prevent harm on their baby soft skin or others and new parents are also more likely to accidentally clip their baby's skin.

Baby Nail Trimmer gives parents a solution to the dangers of ordinary nail clippers. Our nail trimmer is specifically designed to safely and quickly trim and polish little toe and fingernails for both babies as well as adults so you can give your baby a stress free manicure session without the worry of injuring your little one.

Whisper Quiet Operation 

Baby Nail Trimmer comes with a boasting LED Front Light and whisper-quiet motor, so you can safely  trim their nails without raising an alarm.


The Most Versatile Baby Nail Trimmer On The Market

Baby Nail Trimmer features 3 premium cloud cushioned sandpapers dedicated for the use on babies and children so they can experience the comfort of a professional manicure from home.

We also feature an additional set of 3 premium cloud cushioned attachments for adult use.

✅Light weight one button premium design to make the parents job easier from day one.

✅Multiple speed options available to enhance nail trimmings for a softer and smoother appearance

✅Safest Baby Nail Trimmer - so you can trim without the worry of hurting your little ones.