Alpha Bake - Cookie Press Gun Kit

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Alpha Bake - Cookie Press Gun Kit

$30.99 $50.99 -40% OFF

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BUY 1 Pc - Save 40% Buy 2 Pcs - Save 50% - Most Popular Buy 3 Pcs - Save 60% - BEST VALUE DEAL

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Need a creative way to spice up your cookie game? With Cookie Press Gun Kit, you’ll be able to easily create fancy cookies like never before!

Whether you're looking to create cute and appealing cookies for your loved ones or just want to be able to impress friends at parties with beautiful baked goods like a pro, this Cookie Press Gun Kit is for you!

  • Helps create beautiful cookies  This wonderful cookie maker helps you bake mouth-watering cookies with its 13 various disc shapes to choose from and 6 pcs flower nozzles.

  • Easy to use The easy-to-use trigger handle is made of ABS plastic which makes it easy for you to bake your favorite treat.

  • Easy to clean — its detachable design saves you time and energy upon cleaning 

  • Superior quality  —  made of high-quality food-grade PS + PP, durable and non-toxic

  • Makes the perfect gift  — Create a perfectly-shaped cookie with less hassle. Let your loved ones taste your affection at its finest.

How The Cookie Press Works

1. Unscrew the white bottom ring of the Cookie Press Gun, insert your desired disc shape then screw it back on.

2. Pull the trigger all the way back so that you can unscrew the canister where you are going to fillup the dough. The easiest way to fill the canister is to make a cylinder-shaped dough that you can just easily put inside. After filling the canister with the dough, screw the canister back to the Cookie Press Gun.

3. Move the trigger so that the dough is being pressed down unto the disc.

4. Give it a second before releasing it. Release it by slowly lifting the press off so that the shape stays intact. 

If you want to change your disc and create a different batch of cookies, you just need to release the trigger by clicking the button on the top part of the Cookie Press Gun, unscrew the white bottom ring, remove the disc, insert your desired disc shape then proceed with the same process of molding the cookies.

After you’re done with the batch of cookies, put it inside the oven. After it’s done, take the cookies out of the oven and let them cooled on the tray.





Excellent Cookie Press!

“I made my usual cookie dough recipe and I have to say, it worked like a charm. The cookies came out very easily and were true to shape. I made an entire batch with no difficulty. My granddaughter helped me and she was the decorator. It was easy to clean. I would recommend this press.”

- Ann M.


"Highly Recommended"

I like it, it's fantastic. Easy to use and good quality. The disks are also great and made some good looking cookies. I wish I had bought them earlier! Highly recommended.

- Claudia V


"Reasonable price"

“Really impressed. They create crisp, clean shapes without a loss of waste. Very satisfying at a reasonable price and is very easy to use.”

- Danelle C



Why Choose this Cookie Press Gun Kit

Are you one of the people who is having a hard time creating cute and appealing cookies for your loved ones? Or a baking master who is trying to get more work done? Or probably a newbie who is trying to learn how to create pastries like a pro? This wonderful cookie maker is for you!

You know how tedious it is to create perfectly shaped cookies. It consumes both time and energy. Plus, if you don't have a proper tool, the result may look like a cow's dung.

Cookie Press Gun Kit is the perfect solution for modern-day bakers. This Cookie Press Gun Kit helps you bake mouth-watering cookies with its 13 various disc shapes which give you plenty of choices for cookie shapes plus icing tips.


Baking like a pro is now made easy with the help of this cookie press. So easy that even a 5th grader can do it!

Whether you’re a hobbyist, cake shop owner, small business starter, or a parent who wants to bake cookies for their loved ones, this one is for you!

This product is perfect for baking pros who don't have much time creating new designs, newbies who want to become an expert in cookie-making, moms who are looking for new recreational activities with their kids, or a loving partner who wants to make beautiful handmade gifts that suit their partner's appetite.

Bake perfectly-shaped cookies, finish it with surprisingly cute icing tops. When done, take a selfie and smile!

Finding a durable, high-quality cookie press is hard, and finding it at a reasonable price is even harder! You just need to click on Add to Cart to get yours NOW! With limited stocks available!

Have Questions? We Have Answers

Q: Is this an electric cookie press or battery operated?

A: Neither. It's manual. You load dough into the bottom, screw on the keeper with the disk inserted, and then pull the trigger for cookies.


Q: When making cookies, should the humidity of the dough be dry or wet?

A: The humidity of the dough needs to be moderate, not too dry or too wet. It is recommended to stay for two or three seconds when separating after pressing, to better demold and make beautiful cookies.


Q: Can it be used to decorate cakes?

A: Yes, the cookie set comes with 6 different icing tips. You can decorate many beautiful cakes.


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