BuddyTrek - Emergency Sleeping Bag

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BuddyTrek - Emergency Sleeping Bag

$26.99 $66.99 -60% OFF

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Imagine being stuck in bad weather while hiking or on a road trip, and the only choice you have is to sleep in and wait for the clouds to clear. 

Whether you’re trapped in your car during a winter storm or forced to spend an unplanned night outside, this Emergency Sleeping Bag helps you to survive outdoors and knock-out any bad weather conditions.

This functional Emergency Sleeping Bag helps you:

  • Protect yourself from extreme weather.
  • Stay warm and dry in any situation.
  • Never worry about being stranded outdoors again.
  • Especially useful for evacuations during natural disasters.
  • Get a shelter, insulation, emergency blanket, or first aid in unexpected circumstances.
  • Have peace of mind knowing that you're prepared with a sleeping bag in your car, camper, cabin, tent, and even at school!

Why An Emergency Bag Is A Must-Have

Whether you're a weekend adventurer or outdoor sports enthusiast, being prepared is the foundation of any safe travel. 

Don’t worry about being stranded outdoors anymore with this first-aid sleep bag. This multipurpose kit helps you survive in any weather situation.

Emergency Sleeping Bag allows you to:

- Stay warm in the coldest weather
- Survive any weather situation
- Endure bad outdoor elements
- Be prepared for natural disasters
- Make it easier for rescuers to spot you when in danger




So I used this for the first time on an overnight kayaking trip with my brother, and we slept in hammocks. That night it ended up pouring rain and being 48 degrees out, and at first, we were just laying on them but throughout the night we got colder, so ended up getting inside of the bag and it worked much better. I'm 6'2 and 235 lbs. I would recommend this bag for a few reasons, 1 being that it is small and compact and takes up very little space, 2 it does work at keeping you warm and will repel water as well, 3 it's pretty durable and held up great and I’m sure I can get another 20 plus uses out of it and 4 for the price, its a great deal.

David B.


Great for survival.

I bought this for my survival kit for when I take wilderness big game hunts. I have always assumed the guide had everything. After I got home this last trip, I began assembling a survival kit. Among other gear, I researched compact emergency sleeping bags that do the job and don't take up a lot of space in your pack. This fit the bill and met my requirements. Do yourself a favor, do not put your life in the hands of a guide assuming he has the necessary equipment to keep you alive. Chances are that he doesn't. My last guide did not have a sat phone or a personal locator device ( I'll have a PLD on my next trip). He had an ATV accident that broke a few ribs and banged him up, but we made it back to his truck. A grizzly had visited the fringe of our camp just an hour earlier. We were hunting around a remote lake and I learned that he had virtually no safety equipment for an emergency. I haven't tried this yet, and I hope that I never have to, but I do want to return home vertical instead of horizontal. I'll carry a well-equipped survival kit from here on out and this life bivy will be in it! Good luck and safe hunting.

John T.


Good life bivy.

It's small and compact, very lightweight. I have one right now but will buy more to put in different locations as needed for emergencies. The bivy is waterproof on the outside and has the same heat-reflective material inside. It's essentially a waterproof, mylar body bag for emergencies. There is plenty of room for most people to get inside the Bivy. Excellent piece of gear that everyone should have in their bags, cars, and anywhere else! I suggest getting more than one.

Joseph R.


What I wanted.

If you are considering an "emergency" bivy sack, this is a good one to purchase. But note, this is for emergencies and survival. It will protect you from precipitation and retain body heat. An item such as this is essential to any "bug-out" kit or backpack. I keep one in my truck and carry one whenever packing in the backcountry. If I ever have to use this bivy sack, I plan to use it only once! Highly recommended.

Henrey C.


It works great in multiple uses and lets you stay warm.

I just used the bag this weekend. I wanted it for a fishing derby where I knew I would have to take a nap. I wore it on the front of a fishing boat in heavy winds and rain. On day one it was about 50 degrees with rain and some wind. I was kept toasty warm and easily fell asleep. On day two the wind was howling and the wind chill was probably in the teens. Once again I climbed in and was toasty and able to fall asleep. I usually get cold feet at home every night. In the bag with just wool socks, my feet stayed warm!! That was a huge testament to me. The winds were probably 30+ and the bag held together just fine. I was able to fold it up after two days of use and fit it back in its original bag!! So I give it a 5 on everything!

Scott M.


Now You’re Sure To Have Something To Sleep On & Stay Warm Anytime, Anywhere

Whether it’s a pounding rain, howling wind, or relentless snow, these harsh weathers are no match for this Emergency Sleeping Bag. It's designed to provide protection against bad elements, keeping you warm and dry and ready for the unexpected. When you're done with it, simply fold it up and tuck it back into your stuff sack for next time.

Emergency Sleeping Bag users have reported how the product greatly helped them survive in an emergency.

The Emergency Sleeping Bag features a bright orange reflective color to make you more visible for rescuers in times of danger.

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Q: Will the bivy sack suit for a person who is 6'2?

A: This emergency bivy sack is basically suitable for people of all heights. And the special material reflects 90% of your body's heat back to you, keep you stay warm in cold conditions.

Q: Is this one can use for winter camping?

A: Yes. The silver lining helps keep your body heat in, but this product is more for an emergency, you definitely would not want this to be your only sleeping bag for winter camping!

Q: How long can I use this sleeping bag?

A:  It’s a durable emergency sleeping bag. You can use it for a long time as long as it is not worn.

Q: Is its insulation function good?

A: The emergency sleeping bag has a good insulation function. This is made of extra-thick Mylar material. It can keep warm and save your life in extreme conditions.

Q: What is the bag’s size?

A: Expanded size is 210 cm x 90 cm, it is very spacious. After being folded, it is very small and light, it only weighs 117 grams, will not add any burden to your journey.


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