Tymo FabHair™- Premium Straightener Brush

$49.99 $79.99 -38% OFF

Tymo FabHair™- Premium Straightener Brush

$49.99 $79.99 -38% OFF

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Beautiful Straight Hair In Just One Stroke Without Frizz Or Breakage

Spending hours with straightening iron? Our hair straightener can cut the time to just minutes, so you can spend more time on life.

Ditch the flat iron and stand out with natural, straight, less-frizzy, healthy hair with volumes every time, and make your friends say wow!!

This is the reason stylists recommend our top rated straightener brush. It glides through unruly, kinky, wavy hair like a breeze giving you natural silky and shiny straight hair with volume, with just one stroke.

How Does It Work

Our unique brush design divides a large bunch of hair into 24 smaller strands and allows each strand to be fully caught between heat gaps, from roots to ends, making sure every hair is straightened to achieve an overall natural and silky look.

The Morrocan essential-oil coated ceramic heat lock can reduce hair damage and add a natural shine, making your hair looks healthy.

ANTI-SCALD & SAFE - Just enjoy straightening and styling your hair worry-free from burning & shocking. You can literally put our straightening brush on the scalp and feel nothing because our flexible heat resistant guard so your skin is insulated from PTC heating plates. Plus, the comb will turn off automatically after 30 mins to ensure you and your house’s safety.  
5 SETTINGS & EASY TO USE - No matter what hair type you have, you can always find the right setting to tame it. Our hair straightening comb has 5 heat settings heats up to 450℉, you can turn your soft, thin, fine, bleached, dyed, curly, thick or wavy hair
to silky & natural straight hair. 

How to Use:

  1. Plug the cord and choose which heat settings you prefer from the 5 options ranging from 266℉ - 410℉ and wait for 60 sec - it's easy to use and heats quicker engineered for all hair types.
  2. Get a moderate amount of hair and slowly drag the brush down the hair then brush your selected strands on a straight line - use a clip so you don't pick up stragglers and to avoid a frizzy mess.
  3. Repeat the process and make sure you won't miss any spot. Enjoy perfectly straight hair!