BeautyLike - Hair Straightener & Curler

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BeautyLike - Hair Straightener & Curler

$42.99 $70.99 -40% OFF

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Finally, a miracle product that can give you salon-quality hair without the cost of going to the salon! 

The best part is that it can be used on your own hair or even on your kids’. All you have to do is a plugin and go - simple as that with no need for any other tools like a flat iron or curler. 

Get all the same look as if you were getting professional treatments every day without spending tons of money!

This multi-purpose beauty tool:

  • This easy-to-use device is designed for all hair types, from fine to coarse, thick, or thin. It's perfect for any occasion whether you're at home or traveling abroad!
  • With its 3-in-1 versatile design, it helps stimulate blood circulation on your scalp while straightening your hair; it also reduces dandruff and prevents split ends. 
  • The detangling comb will help remove knots without damaging your hair. You can even use it as a beard straightener to tame that unruly facial mane!
  • This revolutionary hair tool will change your life forever, with its dual voltage capabilities of 110v ~ 240v, there are no limitations to what you can do. Take this tool with you wherever life takes you!
  • The ceramic coating ensures that you'll get silky straight hair every time. Now, even the most stubborn curls will be tamed in a matter of minutes with this revolutionary brush! 

Get Professional Results In Just A Few Easy Steps!

Step 1: Start with shampoo. First, wash your hair with a mild shampoo before you begin styling your hair. It helps your hair look and smell great and removes any greasiness. 

Step 2: Dry your hair carefully. You need to make sure it is dry before you go anywhere near a hair straightening brush. Otherwise, the device's high temperatures might cause your hair to burn and may also ruin your scalp.

Step 3: Divide your hair up. Depending on the thickness of your hair, you need to make hair partitions. But no matter the volume and density, you will need to part your hair evenly into left, right, and back segments. Alternatively, you can lift all your hair to the top of your head into a loose bun and slowly lower small chunks of hair when using the best straightening brush to style them. 

Step 4: Start brushing. Take the first hair segment in one hand, then keep the hairbrush straightener on the top of the segment and brush it by the end. It brings strength and texture to the hair at the roots, thus simply straightening it out. Remember to not brush through your hair too quickly, or it might not heat and straighten properly. Instead, brush through your hair slowly, but don't stop at every point. Also, keep it still, or you can overheat your hair. 

Step 5: Finishing touches. Once you are done straightening your hair, switch off the hairbrush straightener and leave it to cool before you admire your new look.

Note: Same steps to follow for curling your hair or styling a beard.

Looking for a fast and safe way to style your hair?

We know that it’s important to have an efficient and safe tool when it comes to styling your hair, BeautyLike brush straightener and curler has all of these features in mind! This device will help you get ready for work in no time at all – just grab a quick shower and start styling!

BeautyLike Hair Straightener & Curler helps provide:


- 100% Shiny straight hair
- 100% Attractive curled hair
- 100% Good-looking beard all the time
- 100% Relaxed scalp
- 100% Tangle-free hair every day



This iron comb is good and easy to handle. The switch is not in the way. Very inexpensive! Heat control is excellent! I’m recommending it to all my coworkers! Gotten lots of compliments.

Connie T.


Easy to use. Straightens and curls hair as noted. Does not take long to heat to the highest setting.

Rikki E.

Frizzy Free

I have a mental illness, it’s mostly anxiety that causes hands to shake or mind to zone out or pure laziness. Today I finally opened my box. Plugged in my hair straightener and did my hair. It’s lightweight and very smooth and soft feel to my hair. It is just like brushing your hair but to perfection. 10000 Stars.

Marina D.

The best straightening brushes.

I don't always leave comments but I will say this one of the best hair straightening brushes I've used for now and I love it 😍

Yumi P.

Great straightener.

First I'm excited that I ordered this straightener on Friday morning and received it Sunday afternoon! I used it as soon as I got home and I am thrilled with the results! It took about seconds to heat up and made my hair so smooth. Easy to use and didn't burn my hair even on the highest temp. Would recommend!

Amber G.

Why Choose BeautyLike 

The ceramic tourmaline technology reduces static, locks in moisture, and leaves hair silky smooth with brilliant shine, so you can glide through your hair with ease. 

The PTC heating technology heats up the brush in 30 seconds or less, so you’ll be ready to go faster than ever before. And the sturdy nylon ball-tipped teeth ensure smooth gliding without damaging your scalp while styling.

BeautyLike Hair Straightener & Curler users have reported how great their new style looks every day after using the product! 


Your safety is the NUMBER ONE priority.

This hair straightening and curling device is made of quality DuPont plastic materials and has a patented CE and FCC-certified design to prevent burns and burning. 

Now, you can style your hair at your heart’s content easily and safely.

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Q: Will it damage my natural hair?

A: BeautyLike hair straightener and curler is designed with quality DuPont plastic materials and CE and FCC certified, ensuring your hair will be well-cared for.

Q: Can this be used on wet hair or does it have to be completely dry?

A: We recommend you use this beauty tool with completely dried hair to avoid hair burns.


Q: Does it pull out hair?

A: It doesn’t pull out hair.


We have an iron-clad risk-free guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with your product for any reason, you have up to 30 days after receiving your product to contact us and ask for a full refund.

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