MagicaBoard - Night Light Drawing Board

$24.95 $44.95 -45% OFF

MagicaBoard - Night Light Drawing Board

$24.95 $44.95 -45% OFF

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If you want the best for your child's future, it is important that you encourage your child in creative and imaginative ways - and above all, in a FUN way. Because at the end of the day your child plays with the things that are FUN! This drawing board helps your kids with exploring their creativity and developing their writing or drawing skills.

It will help your children develop their creativity and imagination in a playful and fun way, and keep the furniture and walls of your home clean, as the children will be busy drawing on this special board.


  • Safe materials - Made of harmless, environmentally friendly materials
  • Great Present - This drawing light board can be a perfect gift for Birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion for your children
  • Satisfaction guaranteed - For any question feel free to contact us and we will do our best we can to solve any problem.
  • Leaves no Marks or Stains
  • Fun For the Whole Family
  • ISO 1048-2 Safety Certified - Harmless for Eyes & Touching

Product Details:

  • Item Type: Drawing Board (include stylus)
  • Sketchpad size: A4
  • Material: PVC (tested & safe for children)
  • Package includes: 1x Drawing board, 2x Drawing Templates, 1x UV pen

Social Media Reviews (scroll down to see more reviews):

Sarah Applegate

My children absolutely love their drawing boards. I initially purchased one to test it out and see how they liked it. I had to buy another one so they had their own. It's perfect for them to use just before bed because they draw for about 25 minutes and go to bed afterward. Amazing purchase!


Michelle Lewon

The pad lasts a long time even with heavy use. The battery on the flashlight is pretty long-lasting as well and won't stop working after a couple of hours of use like I'd expected it to. Overall, it's a fun activity for me and my kids to take part in.


We know that your children will love this toy, so be sure to order more than one if you have more than one child!

Using this, your kid can create amazing drawings with a special stylus - pencils and paints are no longer needed.