PetVenture - Pet Carrier Backpack

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PetVenture - Pet Carrier Backpack

$48.99 $80.99 -40% OFF

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You can now take your pet with you ANYWHERE you go — whether on vacation or just around town!

The PetVenture Pet Carrier Backpack is the perfect way to travel with your pet. It’s comfortable for them and convenient for you. Your pet will definitely love it, and so will you!

This AMAZING Pet Carrier Backpack:

✔️ Ensures that your pet is well-ventilated with its breathable mesh windows and holes.

✔️ Makes your pet feel comfortable because of its big spaces with a soft wool pad inside the bag.

✔️ Allows your pet to enjoy the view outside through the bubble window while you are on a trip

✔️ Sturdy and lets you carry up to 6.5kg(Cat);5kg(Dog). 

✔️ Even if your pet is heavy, you will still feel comfortable carrying it because of its padded shoulder straps.

✔️ Foldable and made of high-quality material. Scratch & water-resistant, soft PU leather, durable to withstand scratching and waterproof.


To use this pet carrier backpack, you just need to open one of the zippers, put your pet inside then close it. You can also store food inside the backpack so that your lovely pet can eat food any time that it feels hungry.

Once everything has been settled, wear your backpack then you’re good to go!



Purchased for an 8-week old kitten, and I can’t tell you how much he LOVES going for outings and how many people stop me to pet him and look at him. I’ve had it for a few weeks now, and with the amount I am using it, it’s holding up very very well. Higher quality than I expected!

A tip: To get him used to it, when I first got it I put some toys and his blanket inside so that he could go in and out of it. The first time I placed him in and zipped it up, he was totally comfortable because he had been in it so much beforehand :)



The structure is rigid and appears very durable. It has quality zippers and materials and is very comfortable on my back. I highly recommend this one!



The material is surprisingly sturdy compared to other carriers. It's in-between the soft, fabric, ones and the plastic carriers, reducing the risk of my cat tearing through the fabric or hitting herself on the hard plastic. The zippers are high quality, the sizes of all three 'entries' are large and make it easy to get the cat in.



At first, I was worried about it not being big enough. The size is comfortable for my cat that is has a weight of 6 pounds. It fits behind the car seats on the floor, with enough room to fit perfectly without too much room to move around, risking injury.



This is incredibly a good pet carrier! I will be buying a second one for my other cat. Oh, and they look good and people will stop you and talk about them.




Why Buy a PetVenture Carrier Backpack For Your Pet

Get your pet a backpack for their next adventure!

With PetVenture Pet Carrier Backpack, you can now take your pet on an adventure!  You don’t have to carry them around anymore. You can now walk freely while carrying them inside their own little world!  

While they’re inside the backpack, they will be able to enjoy the outdoors with you while you carry them around safely! You can even store treats or toys inside it if they get bored along the way! 

PetVenture Pet Carrier Backpack definitely has everything you need for any trip with your furry friend(s)!

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Have Questions? We Have Answers!

Q: How much does the backpack weigh?

A: It has the same weight as the usual backpack. Its weight is 1.260 kg.

Q: What is the size of the carrier backpack?

A: The dimensions of the backpack are:  Length 32 x Width 19 x Height 40 cm

Q:  Is this easy to store?

A: Yes, it is! PetVenture Pet Carrier Backpack is easy to store because it is foldable.

Try PetVenture Pet Carrier Backpack 100% Risk-Free

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