TapDock - Pool Critter Ramp

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TapDock - Pool Critter Ramp

$21.99 $36.99 -41% OFF

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Keep seeing frogs or any other animals dead in your pool because they couldn't get out?

If so, then you know how sad it is to see them struggle to get out. It’s even worse when they drown and die. But now, there’s something that can help!

The Pool Critter Ramp attaches easily to the side of any pool and allows frogs or other animals stuck in the water to climb up and escape safely

This  escape system is the most effective animal rescue device ever made. 

  • Pool Critter Ramp helps save small animals from drowning in the water
  • Safe and humane way to keep those little creatures like frogs, lizards, and mice out of the pool
  • It also keeps your pool cleaner and reduces pool maintenance, saving your time and money

keep frogs , critter and other animals away from your pool this summer with these easy steps

      STEP 1: Just slip it over the edge of the pool

      STEP 2: Let it float on top of the water

      STEP 3: Ready for use

      STEP 4: You can adjust the ramp’s position if needed even if it's already installed

Have you ever had to clean up after a dead critter in your pool? 

It’s gross. And it’s not fun for the little guy either. They don’t want to be there, and they certainly don’t want to die there. So why let them?

Pool Critter Ramp is designed to: 

  • Provide a method of escape for little critters
  • Prevent dead and drowning critters in the pool
  • Keep swimming pool water cleaner
  • Reduce pool maintenance costs 
  • Save you time



I got this product for my parents, who live on the edge of a forest and pond. There are always 1 or 2 frogs in the pool in the morning, and sometimes after a hard rain, there are 30 or more. They often find other creatures like mice and chipmunks in the water, as well. Finding dead ones is always awful. The morning after setting this up, my mother saw three frogs sitting on it, and they were able to hop up the ramp when they felt like it. The smaller baby toads just seem to hang out on it and wait to be scooped out, but at least they aren't drowning. She was absolutely thrilled with this little invention. I'd recommend it for any pool owner.
Lauren A.

Best Critter Saver ever!

Every year I have an average of at least 3 to 4 squirrels, chipmunks, or mice drown in my in-ground pool each week. This year started out no different. My granddaughter told me about the Critter Ramp so I decided to try it. I purchased 2 and put one on each side of my pool. I'm happy to say that it's been 10 days and not a single fatality. For those who say they don't work, make sure you are placing one next to your skimmer in the direction of the water flow so the poor things have something to grab on to before being sucked into the skimmer.
Mary W.

A must-have to cut down on critter deaths

A must-have! I would find ground squirrels or mice, toads, etc. at least 2 times a week in my pool, dead at the bottom. Gross and sad. I thought I would try this easy gadget. Well since I have put this in my pool a year ago I literally have had like only 2 mice dead. so it stays put very well, the critters swim around the pool and finding this they cling catch their breath and climb to safety. The cover is a quality thick nylon that did fade after a year of use in the hot relentless Arizona sun but everything does. I bought a fresh replacement only for aesthetic reasons the next year. We keep water in our pool year round so this is used year-round. A large pool could use 2. Very very worth it!
Jodi D.

Coolest thing ever

I thought this would be a waste of money for sure but it surprised me. I saw a frog trying to get out of the pool and ran out there to help him but he swam way down every time I got close. So I put this Frog bridge on the side of the pool and waited. Within 5 minutes he found it and got out! Amazing!
Teresa V.

Saving lives

I had been rescuing/removing frogs from our in-ground pool daily. A brook runs behind our yard and at night both frogs and toads would wander over to our pool area. It was often enough that I started doing a lap before bed because I would find them dead in the mornings, and of course, I'd rather find them alive, even if it was a challenge sometimes to get them with the net. Two was average, probably 50/50 for if they were alive or dead. Since I put one of these in opposing corners three weeks ago, I have not had to remove a single frog. The quality is excellent, they are obviously serving their purpose beautifully, and it's also nice that I don't have to make extra trips to try to rescue them.
Kasey I.

Why Choose This Little Lives’ Savior

Pool Critter Ramp is a must-have for every pool owner.

The Pool Critter Ramp allows small animals to escape from your swimming pool, keeping the water cleaner and reducing maintenance costs. It’s made of durable oxford fabric with an inflatable mat that can be easily cleaned—and it installs quickly without tools or adhesives.

Keep your pool clean by preventing dead critters from getting into the water! Prevent drowning incidents by allowing pets and other small animals easy access to safety! 

And…. greatly reduce maintenance costs associated with cleaning out dead critters!

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Have Questions?

Q: Does it work for birds? Both as an escape but also as a way of getting a bath from the water splashing up on it?

A: Yes, songbirds will use it to perch and get a drink. Birds can also use it to escape. Baby ducklings will use it too.

Q: Would this work for cats?

A: Probably yes - just put enough weight in the little bag that you are supposed to fill with rocks - it works very well for possums.

Q: Will it work in a pond?

A: As long as there's a ledge for the sandbag to rest, it should work.


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