Spotzie™ Pregnancy Hip & Back Saver Belt

$19.99 $39.99 -51% OFF

Spotzie™ Pregnancy Hip & Back Saver Belt

$19.99 $39.99 -51% OFF

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Support your growing baby bump And Relieve hip, pelvis and back pressure Comfortably!

Every mom & mom-to-be knows this - as your belly grows, so does your hip & back pain. 

Our maternity belt offers the perfect fix to that discomfort.  

It eases that nagging lower back pain and provides much-needed hip, pelvis and back pain relieve for all expecting mom - ensuring maximum comfort during their pregnancy.

This belt helps to keep your weight evenly distributed that eases the pressure on your hips, pelvis, and back – letting you enjoy an incredible pregnancy journey and helping you look and feel your best through it all. 

Great for post-pregnant moms too!

Its soft, breathable & lightweight material feels good to wear - ensuring maximum comfort with a snug fit at all times!

Why Do I need This?

An absolute must-have for expecting mothers. Here’s why:

  • Supports & comforts you throughout your pregnancy.  Effectively eases any pain or pressure off your hip & back - and keeps it comfortable with top-notch support.  
  • Super comfortable daily wear.  Lightweight, breathable & adjustable fabric that fits snugly on the baby bump - all day every day!  
  • Reliable hip & back support guaranteed.   This belt does not slip off your belly or hips, giving you the confidence to carry on with your daily activities completely worry-free.

  • Relieve prenatal pain around hips, pelvis & back with our pregnancy belt. Good belly support can reduce swelling (edema) in hands, legs and feet by relieving back tension and associated stress.
  • Reduce spinal pressure with our belly band for pregnancy by effectively supporting excess pregnancy weight in the belly.
  • One convenient size up to 45 inches to fit and support you throughout all stages of your pregnancy. The velcro band makes it super easy to put the maternity belt on and take it off.

How To Use And Wear:


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