cSPORTS™ - Retractable Tennis Net

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cSPORTS™ - Retractable Tennis Net

$52.99 $87.99 -40% OFF

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Kill Boredom With This Enjoyable and Easy-to-Set-Up Table Tennis Set!

Where there’s a table, there’s FUN
cSPORTS™ Retractable Tennis Net lets you play your favorite indoor game anywhere with its stretch-and-clip feature.  You have everything that you need for an exhilaratingly fun game since it comes with 4 balls, 2 paddles, and 1 shoulder bag!


Let loose playing with these amazing features:

✔️ Wide stretch – No need to bother playing at a wider table. cSPORTS Retractable  Net can stretch up to 1.7 meters which is longer than the width of regular table tennis.

✔️ Can be used anywhere – Make your regular home table or office desk a playing field. Its stretch-and-clip feature makes it extremely handy in boring situations. It also comes with 2 paddles, 4 Ping Pong balls, and a durable bag which you can carry everywhere you go.

✔️ No more dull moments – Stuck at home? Browsing and scrolling through social media are already making you sick? Challenge yourself and learn something new. Be a Ping Pong Pro while having fun at home. Visit your friends and challenge them to a duel. 

✔️ Fun for the WHOLE FAMILY – Create a unique bonding time with your kids to develop their sportsmanship while making them competitive individuals.

✔️ Great Workout Activity – Have fun while shaping up your body. This fun game will really make you sweat! The more you sweat, the healthier you are.

How To Set-Up cSPORTS Retractable Table Tennis




This is a good item and very easy to carry. We have had good fun during the lockdown and it arrived promptly. Overall good quality of product.
This is a nice bit of kit, it has helped to keep 3 x teenagers and 2 adults fit during the current lockdown, it is very easy to use, stores away neatly, and has provided hours of good family fun. We will be taking this with us on future holidays as it is size adjustable and I think will fit any table that seats our family.
 I’m very happy that I decided to buy this! I was looking for extra ways for us to keep active as a family during Lockdown when I stumbled upon this. I have a glass oval dining table, but we still managed to make this work ( covered the table). The net was very easy to attach. It comes in a neat fabric carry case. Both of my children love it, and there are few things an 8yr old and 15 yr old can agree on in terms of entertainment. Great for adults and kids.
Margaret S.
This is great. Bats, balls, and net all have excellent quality, and the net fastens easily to my dining table. Can recommend to anyone wanting to lessen the boredom of covid lockdown.
My Son aged 9 and Dad play every evening and they both love it and it’s getting very competitive. This is a quality set and I would buy it again.
Jay Jay

Why Choose cSPORTS Among Different Brands? 

cSPORTS is committed to giving you only PREMIUM SPORTS MATERIALS. Our Retractable Table Tennis Net is made of durable raw materials to provide you with excellent sports equipment. Stretch the net up to 1.7 meters without worrying if the net would tear apart.

Now you can enjoy playing your favorite indoor game with friends and family. This durable sports equipment is lightweight and is easy to pack, easy to carry.

Get your whole set now and bring the fun anywhere with you!


Have Questions? We Have Answers 


Question: Will it work on any folding table?

Answer: Yes, it will! The net will clamp onto any table that is 2 inches thick or less.


Question: Would you damage a dining table by playing on it?

Answer: No, it won’t. The clamps are soft foam, making it easy to clip and leaves no damage to your furniture.


Question: Will this work well on an actual ping pong table?

Answer: Yes. The net can also be used at an actual ping pong table. Happy playing!



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