Professional Gauge - Make Perfect Cuts Fast

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Professional Gauge - Make Perfect Cuts Fast

$21.99 $34.95 -38% OFF

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Make Perfect Cuts Around Pipes Or Any Odd Shape Obstacle Fast And Easy

The Professional Gauge Contour is a unique tool  that helps you make perfect cuts around any shape easy. No more measuring and missing cuts. 

It’s the perfect must have tool every handyman needs to easily copy the shape of irregular items to create precise cuts in wood, tiles, carpet, metal sheets or material.

With its ease of use, copying a profile has never been this easy.


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Unique Features:

  • - To transfer corners and contoured - easy and accurate
  • - Ideal for an accurate fitting of the laminate, e.G. Around heating pipes
  • - With clamping lever for fixing the contour tips - no slipping of the contour
  • - Sturdy plastic design
  • Smart Contour Gauge adopts ABS Plastic material, stable and durable
  • - It can be used to measure the shape of irregular items
  • - Professional tool for commercial or occasional use
  • - Useful tool for operations on car bodies, carpentry and for all kinds of modelling
  • - Metric and imperial marked gauges



Material: High quality ABS Plastic

Size: 146 x 105 x 26mm

Measuring Range: 0-120mm

Scope: 0-120mm

Package Inclusion: 1pc. Contour Duplication Gauge

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