Pro Kick - Solo Futbol / Soccer Trainer

$21.95 $29.95 -27% OFF

Pro Kick - Solo Futbol / Soccer Trainer

$21.95 $29.95 -27% OFF

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Imagine having your kid practice for soccer without disturbing anyone.

You know they have enough energy to keep practicing until they become the next Messi.

Now your kids can practice their skills anywhere and anytime.

With Pro Kick - Solo Soccer Trainer they can master ball control, shoot, pass, and juggle without chasing the ball around.

In no time they will be doing they'll be cutting through defenders , doing the most audacious tricks and scoring hat tricks easily, making you the coolest parent in their league.


Master Ball Control - Improve your control of the ball and technique, head to toe. Maximize touches as you improve passing, dribbling, and overall footwork.

For All levels -  Players of all levels can use this soccer tool to gain more authority over the ball. Forwards and goalies alike can improve their play.  

No More Chasing - With a high-quality, adjustable cord that stretches up to 18 ft. and a durable tethered waistband, you will stop wasting your time chasing the ball, and perfect your technique.

Strong And Comfortable -  Designed to fit size 3, 4 and 5 soccer balls, its comfortable belt and secure ball glove combine to make it the must-have soccer trainer for all soccer fans.