TechGuard - USB Charger w/ Smart Mini Camera

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TechGuard - USB Charger w/ Smart Mini Camera

$39.99 $84.99 -53% OFF

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The best way to protect yourself and your family is by knowing what's going on around you at all times. 

That's where TechGuard USB Charger with Smart Mini Camera comes into play. It looks just like any other wall plug, so it won't attract attention or raise suspicion.

With its innovative design, TechGuard:

  • Ensures unnoticeable surveillance as it can be planted anywhere without a hint.
  • Keep you informed at any moment as it broadcasts live through your phone.
  • Let you be vigilant for threats as it starts recording when the built-in motion detector picks up any movement.
  • Capture your loved ones’ happy times while you’re away so you’ll never miss any important happenings again.

Keep an eye on your home while you’re away. Here’s how…

Safety will always be a TOP priority!

With the ability to stream live video from anywhere in the world through your phone, you'll always know what's happening when you're not there. 

And if something does go wrong? This spy cam has motion detection built-in that will start recording as soon as someone walks into view—so even if they don't see it, their every move will still be captured on film!

TechGuard helps provide:

- 100% safety and security
- 100% stealth mode
- 100% peace of mind




Received the package as advertised The HD picture quality is very good. I emailed the company with a question and they replied back the same day. That gave me confidence in the product. Just put the micro sd card in the adapter and stick it on your computer and you will see clear HD quality video.


Great product, awesome price!

Love this product !! So easy to understand even for those that aren’t super tech-savvy. Great quality for such a low price! Very happy customer here!


Nice camera

Very useful spy camera. Really hidden! This charger is good for my iPhone! I put it in the office and even I left I can see if anyone tried to use my pc... It can keep recording with sd card. Excellent device for a spy! Great quality video! I highly recommended this camera to all people who want to see their workplace!!!

Austin B.

Excellent for home security

This camera really helped me! I saw very well when robbers get into my house! I sent the video to the police! Robbery is clearly visible! Excellent video quality! Thank you for this device! I think the police will catch them!

Andres Ross

5 stars!

This camera is smaller than you expect, with it being discreet and hard for people to see. Connects to the home network and works well for my intended purpose, overall the image quality, and the build quality seems to be decent.


Why Choose TechGuard

With its HD video quality, this hidden camera captures every moment perfectly

And since it looks like any other ordinary wall plug or portable battery pack charging station, no one will ever suspect that there's actually a surveillance system right under their noses!

Thieves are everywhere, but you can easily catch one with this spy cam!

It's designed to give you full surveillance of your home in stealth mode! Stealthier than all the thieves combined!


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Have Questions

Q: Can I record without a plug-in?

A: The camera will only work when connected to an electrical outlet. Forget about dead batteries, the camera MEE007 is ready to use 24/7 when plugged into an electrical outlet.

Q: Can you view the recording from your iPhone?

A: You have to move the recording from the SD card to your phone to view it on your phone.

Q: How do you know if there was motion? I.e. if someone sets it off at night, will you know immediately? In the morning? always have to check it?

A: You will have to check it. So as long as you have it plugged in and switched to motion(M), it will detect motion and record.



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