WeedPower - Weed Trimmer Head Set

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WeedPower - Weed Trimmer Head Set

$47.99 $79.99 -41% OFF

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The Weed Trimmer is the fun and easy way to clean up all those things your standard string trimmer head won't. The Weed Trimmer works in seconds—great for edges between bricks and edging around narrow strips alongside walls or curbs—and it's ideal for areas that are hard to reach with a traditional lawnmower too! 

This useful Weed Trimmer enables you to:

  • Contour any surface you want to trim, from driveways to concrete.

  • Get a convenient solution for edges, sidewalks, and more!

  • No longer fight through whip grass and brush on your lawn as you walk by.

  • Perfectly mulch tough to reach and hard surfaces, with the powerful rotating brush head that leaves your driveways, concrete edges, patios, and sidewalks looking as if you spent all day working on it.

  • Leave back-breaking work like edging a curb just as fast, efficient, and clean as this weed trimmer does easy stuff like trimming the grass on your lawn.


How Does The Practical Weed Trimmer Work

Step 1: Just put the brush head on the top bolt of the straight shaft trimmer.

Step 2: Fix it with a washer and a nut.

Step 3: Use.

Gone are the days of using a saw or manual scissors to cut vines and unwanted plants. The Weed Trimmer delivers a professional-grade clean cut with just one blow of its rotating steel wire brush cutter--nothing else can compare.

Weed Trimmer helps you:

- Cut brush and vines with just one stroke
- Eliminate unwanted plants in seconds
- Get a professional clean cut every time
- Fight whip grass and brush with ease
- Get the job done in half the time
- Easily and quickly clean up tough to reach areas



Great weed killer and rust removal tool. I have a lot of weeds on the sidewalk and I have to reach out several times a year. So far, manual attempts have been laborious and time-consuming, and the propane burner has not achieved long-term success. The weed trimmer has completed the work in a very energy-efficient manner in a very short time. For the problem of cleaning the sidewalks and corners of the weeds, I will choose this brush. If you have the right trimmer, this is a very good tool, once this tool runs out, I will buy another one. Highly recommended.

John K.


Good product.

I will classify this weed trimmer as a very high quality and comfortable weight. I have been trying to find a suitable brush cutter gift for my gardener landlord. The fine wire trimmer is "too light" for him. Finally, I found the wire brush cutter. For him, its weight is perfect. Yes, he likes its strong impact and crazy tearing performance and uses it to remove the stubborn weeds on the edge of the lawn and the moss on the slate. The effect is very good, the best!

Chris T.


Works great.

This product really lived up to its promises. Made quick work of edging my lawn.

Doe M.



Well built and sturdy. So happy with the purchase.

Dave D.


Great attachments for brush cutters.

I have a 27cc engine bicycle handle brush cutter and it is a beast. Don't buy it if your string trimmer isn't 27cc or greater or not a brush cutter. You'll have to change your driveshaft every so often. Once I wear out the ones I have I would purchase again and a heavy-duty brushcutter to match it with.

Ralph H.



The Weed Trimmer is the new age of yard and leaf maintenance! A versatile tool, it excels at tough jobs that take too long or cause back pain using old school tools like edgers, shovels, and rakes. Its innovative design makes trimming grass on lawns simple – no heavy lifting required!

Weed Trimmer users have reported an enormous improvement when it comes to cleaning their yard.

The Weed Trimmer proved to be handy during a “spring cleaning” of any backyard. No more backbreaking edging job - it leaves them just as fast, efficient, and clean!



Q: Will this fit on my Greenworks 80V 16" cordless trimmer?

A: This Weed Trimmer is not suitable for your Greenworks 80V 16" cordless trimmer, the adapter included with this does not match your trimmers, and it is a bit heavy for your Greenworks 80V 16" cordless trimmer, it’s more suitable for STIHL products.


Q: Does it fit the Stihl FS-160?

A: The number of splines of the adapter in the Weed Trimmer is 10, the only thing you need to check is whether the size of the parts and the number of splines are compatible with your FS160 brush blade.


Q: Does it work on a 58 volt Echo weedeater?

A: The number of splines of the adapter in the Weed Trimmer is 10, you need to check whether the size of the parts and the number of splines are compatible with your 58 volt Echo weedeater, and the wire brush trimmer may be a bit heavy.


Q: Will this fit the EGO string trimmer?

A: Weed Trimmer may not be suitable for your EGO string trimmer, the adapter supplied with this does not match your trimmer, and if your EGO string trimmer is electric, the twisted knot steel wheel is a bit heavy for your string trimmer, it is more suitable for gasoline-powered brush cutters.



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